Updating bsd 7

'y' ( Enter) "Does this look reasonable (y/n)? , GENERIC , : WARNING: This system is running a "MYKERNEL" kernel, which is not a kernel configuration distributed as part of Free BSD 7.1-RELEASE.

/bin/sh CSUP=`which csup` CONFFILE="/root/share/csup/stable-supfile" FASTEST_CVSUP=`which fastest_cvsup` if [ ! (, RELENG_X, , "", freebsd-update .) c) , , , (misc/compat Nx), N - Free BSD, .

Notice a small snag in the supfile section: *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_8_0 means that you are following the errata branch not stable.

To follow Stable: *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_8Take care.

it seems none of the cases I search with starting by updating the NVIDIA drivers.

This kernel will not be updated: you MUST update the kernel manually before running #!

To install sys configuration files that are required by the new base system.

To compare only files known to be essential to the success of install world, enter: Nice article.figure out what needs to be upgraded and in what order, but not actually do it.This can be useful if something needs to be done manually during a step, or you want to break up an upgrade of a lot of ports into smaller pieces.No etc*file sets The etc and xetc files have been merged into the base system files.On first install, config files will be built, but for upgrades, basic configuration files will be untouched.For a high-level program like, say, Firefox, you can. Firefox, expecting the old version of jpeg, may not be able to use the new version correctly, or at all.


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