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For those keeping score at home, Apollo Justice is the fourth game in the beloved Ace Attorney main series, though it doesn't actually star everyone's favorite ace attorney Phoenix Wright.No matter though, as our own Shaun Musgrave notes in the original announcement of this i OS port, "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is both important to the overall story of the series and still a pretty awesome game in its own right." Just over a week ago the release date for Apollo Justice was announced, with i OS hitting right now and the Android version coming just one week later...

Dating simulation games for ipod touch

While it may not have as powerful brands behind it as these two releases, Silent Depth has been lurking in the sea of our upcoming games forum since October 2013, and despite numerous periods of radio silence, the submarine simulator has finally been submitted to the App Store, and a new trailer has been released to demonstrate how the game has progressed over the last three years...

We're just mere moments away from our usual "Out Now" post, but I figured the arrival of Apollo Justice Ace Attorney [$0.99] was worth it's own little heads up.

There are lots of great games in the genre at a variety of pricing levels, so no matter what your budget looks like, you can usually find something good to play.

Slitherine makes some great games that tend to sit on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, and let's be honest, they're generally worth those prices.

Winter 2016 has seen a lot of games which have seemingly been in development forever finally be released.

The Last Guardian, the sequel to cult classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is finally seeing the light of day on PS4 next week, and Final Fantasy XV has launched to immense relief from fans who have been waiting for ten years for the latest entry in the franchise.

The new Shadow Plague is a "sentient, mutagenic pathogen" that "triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host", basically turning you into a vampire who must feed on humanity to grow into a giant bat capable of setting up lairs and shadow portals.

Here is an exclusive look at the giant, vampiric bat in action...

Continuing our year-end mop-up of games we missed out on reviewing at the time of their release for various reasons, the next requested title by our readers was Mini Metro [.99].

I've had an interesting relationship with trains over the course of my life.

Twelve Absent Men pokes fun at the tropes in your typical courtroom dramas on television and in movies, which always have a way of doing magical things like instantly going to trial after arresting a suspect and of course angering a judge into holding someone in contempt of court. One of the finest crafting/survival/world-building games on the planet is Pixbits' fantastic Junk Jack X [.99].

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